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  • Listening to: Ace Attorney 6 OST - Nahyuta Sahdmadhi ~ The Last
  • Reading: The Art of Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies
  • Watching: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice anime prologue
  • Playing: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice DEMO
  • Eating: Quesadilla
  • Drinking: Mango juice
A lot of things have happened, so I won't have all the remaining drawings ready in time :(
They will be uploaded as I finish them, don't worry... And I'm sorry
  • Listening to: Ace Attorney Soundtrack
  • Reading: The Art of Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies
  • Watching: Pokémon Sun and Moon new trailer
  • Playing: Pokémon Shuffle
  • Eating: Fish
  • Drinking: Soda
This is Ace Attorney Month! TURNABOUT AUGUST! or "TA" if you prefer :D
Every single day, I will upload a drawing related to the Ace Attorney video game series, because:
- I wanted to do something like this a long time ago
- I want to practice being constant 
- I love Ace Attorney
- I want to improve in some things
- to celebrate Ace Attorney's 15th anniversary and upcoming game

So yeah, I hope you enjoy this little event :3
It's my responsibility to say that a lot of the drawings will have spoilers, so pay attention to the title. ;)
  • Listening to: PL vs PW:AA soundtrack
  • Reading: The Art of Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies
  • Watching: Pokémon Sun and Moon new trailer
  • Playing: Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright
  • Eating: Quesadilla
  • Drinking: Apple juice
Okay guys, new designs for Pokémon Sun and Moon have been shown, so I will say what I think about each one of them (I'll give them a score btw):

Rowlet: Rowlet's design is great. It totally looks like a classic Pokémon to me. It's also very cute and with a lot personality. (8/10)

Litten: It looks more like a yo-kai from yo-kai watch, but even with that it's still a good design :D (7/10)

Popplio: Like Rowlet, it looks like a classic Pokémon; an even cuter classic Pokémon! For me, it is the one wit the most personality of the starters :3 (8/10)

Solgaleo: It totally looks like a Digimon, but it doesn't matter since it is a design with a lot of creativity. (9/10)

Lunala: I didn't know which version to pick until I saw Lunala. Its design is a good balance between "scary looking" and elegant. (10/10)

Pikipek: This is a Pokémon I loved from the moment I saw it. It's cute, with a recognizable but at the same time creative design. I will catch one for sure! (10/10)

Grubbin: It's not a good design, but at least it's not terrible. It still looks like a Pokémon (5/10)

Denjimushi: If Grubbin wasn't bad, its evolution is. It's supposed to look like a battery, but when I saw it I thought it looked like a bus. This design is jut TERRIBLE (2/10)

Kuwaganon: Well, the previous evo was BAD but would you look at that, it evolves into an EPIC POKÉMON. Not the best design, but Kuwaganon can only be described as badass; it totally pays off its terrible pre evolution. (9/10)

Yungoos: More than bad, Yungoos design is LAZY. I didn't like it at all, theres not much else to say. (3/10)

Iwanko: Iwanko is...really good and lovable. But the interesting thing is its ROCK type. I think the design matches it :D (8/10)

Togemedaru: I've already gotten used to the tradition of having a Pikachu clone in each gen, and this one is decent. I gotta say its steel/electric type was unexpected. It turns out its spherical design resembles a morning star, since Togemedaru has spikes in his body. This was a pretty original idea! :D (6/10)

Aburi: Probably the cutest Pokémon in this generation X3. I like it, its design is adorable, and I appreciate that new animals are being used (this is the first fly Pokémon I think) instead of already used animals. (Im not saying that making PKMN based on animals that have been already used is bad, its just that it's nice to see new animals in Pokémon ;3). (7/10)

Nekkoala: Cute, but I can't deny its an even lazier design than Yungoos's. But you know what? Maybe Nekkoala will get better with an evolution. (2/10)

Hagigishiri: THE WORST DESIGN I'VE SEEN IN A LONG TIME! Seriously, it's actually hard for me to see this thing. The colors are fine but the design of its FACE is UGLY. It is so ugly that it RUINED the whole design for me. Ugly designs can be GOOD, but this is a bad ugly type of design. (1/10)

Jijiron: It's funny, this one doesn't have a GREAT design, but it has something that made me kind of like him, maybe it's the fact that it looks classic to me and... well, I gotta admit I find Jijiron CUTE :3. Also, it's like a fusion of Mushu, Falcor, and Yoshi XD  (7/10)

Magearna: I see some effort was put to this one, I see that they tried to make an original design; but honestly, they didn't achieve it, at least not completely. Don't get me wrong, Magearna's design is far from bad; but its still a generic robot. I will give it merit, it shows that Magearna was made with effort :3 (6/10)

Topu Koko: This one's crazy, but awesome! I can see it's design is hawaiian themed (like its name, but that one is obvious) since it kinda looks like a piece of a totem. I find this one wildly creative :D (9/10)

Tell me your opinions on these Pokes in the comments :3


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Im a guy who lives in Mexico City that loves video games, internet, and drawing
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